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Welcome to a safe harbor, a place apart from the hurried rhythms of the world. Hopefully some of the thoughts and actions provided here will make a real difference in how your life unfolds, and how you unfold within it.

Among the offerings are:

A Daily Heartline, to gently remind you to love more, release old hurts, and nurture yourself.

A weekly Healing Moment, to guide you toward healing and wholeness with suggestions and insights.

A Monthly Theme, to provide focus for growth and harmony in concert with the earth and its seasons.

A different excerpt each month from Breaking Eggs—Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness, my book written to help people with chronic illness infuse their lives with trust and meaning.

A Journal, that presents ideas for enhancing our creativity and contains a place for your thoughts.

A Book Store with descriptions of Lucia's books, including award-winning "Breaking Eggs: Finding New Meaning with Chronic Illness".  Watch her short video of why Lucia wrote Breaking Eggs.  There are also links to Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble where you can purchase the book. 

New Offerings:  I invite you to enjoy a series of short Free Webinars to brighten and energize you every day.  There are three entitled “Meditative Moments: Finding Your Inner Calm,” Changing Challenges into Resilience,” and “Embracing the Magic of Gratefulness.”

My wish is that you find insight and respite here, and make this website your own. Because the content changes regularly, I invite you to return often. Thank you for visiting.  I appreciate the energy you bring to this place.

Lucia Amsden  


With its revitalizing rain and incubating warmth, July brings the full rush of growth. The earth’s palate blooms with the greening of gardens and lawns, and the brilliant colors of plants and flowers. Birds and animals are rearing their young, and we cannot help but feel the rush and tumble of life....     More


 Welcome    Monthly Theme    Healing Moments    Breaking Eggs   Journal    Free Webinars    Book Store    Links    About Lucia   Contact   


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